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There is an incredible and exciting range of colours that can be achieved from the humblest of wild and garden plants. This Workshop will help you identify which local wild and garden plants are suitable for using as a wool dye.

You will forage plants and return to the Workshop where we will create dyebaths from your foraged material and from selected pre-soaked dye plant material. 4x25g hanks per person of pre-mordanted local Welsh wool hanks will be provided.

We will then heat and poke the dye baths whilst coffee and cake are served and we listen to a talk on sheep, fleece, spinning, mordanting and dyeing.

A further trip outside to look at suitable plants might happen if time allows. The wool will then be rinsed, people can take some dye bath home with them to continue soaking the wool to make the colour stronger. Extra undyed and dyed yarns will be available to purchase.

You will need to bring wet weather gear, strong, waterproof footwear, rubber gloves, mask and up to 4 medium sized glass jars with tight fitting lids.

People will leave with 4x25g hanks of plant dyed wool, plus enough knowledge of suitable plants and dyeing processes to try their own dyeing at home.

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