Identifying Birds

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Early March is the ideal time to get to know birds. Summer migrants have not yet arrived to confuse us and the trees are barely showing their hiding leaves. Lead by Caroline de Carle, we will seek out skulking shapes and subtle sonatas. Caroline is a lifelong birder and obsessive of birdsong. She says about this short course “I learn something new about birds almost every day so let's learn amazing stuff together on this informal, fun, interactive wander in the Welsh countryside. I can't wait to say hello...”

The course will run 9:30 til 1:00

The route will take in the lanes and woodlands of Pennal. Starting at Grace Crabb and Company gardens we will walk along the backroad in Pennal, past Gwerniago Farm and to Coed Esgair Las woods where we will have coffee and then return . This will enable us to hear and see birds in a variety of habitat types

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